How to get rid of Jerusalem artichoke in the country

How to get rid of Jerusalem artichoke in the country

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Jerusalem artichoke is a pretty nice and useful plant, and every third summer resident knows about it. But if this plant grows strongly throughout the territory, then it is almost impossible to remove it from the site. In this regard, just in case, the question arises: how to get rid of Jerusalem artichoke?

Many of us do not pay attention to planting Jerusalem artichoke at all - someone uses it to cook some dishes, someone just grows it like a green fence from neighbors. But few people think in advance how difficult it will be to bring Jerusalem artichoke if it grows very much. Therefore, having received several questions from readers with vain attempts to remove the earthen pear from the site, we began to look for the best way to solve the problem.

Communicating with associates and just other summer residents, experts came to the conclusion that getting rid of Jerusalem artichoke is very difficult. You can dig a bed, tear it up with the root, try to extract all the root residues from the soil ... but next spring the plant emerges again.

Why does it interfere so much? The thing is that Jerusalem artichoke is growing rapidly, occupying a lot of land with its plantings, where other cultures or ornamental plants can no longer grow. Perhaps a few strips of Jerusalem artichoke along the fence and do not bring problems to summer residents with large plots, but if you have only a few hundred hectares of land, then it begins to interfere and become seriously unnerving. Moreover, all attempts to destroy the plant are wasted.

How to get rid of Jerusalem artichoke in the country

There are several effective ways that can help resolve the issue, but first we decided to introduce you to the methods that summer residents use in vain, and just wasting time.

What methods of fighting Jerusalem artichoke are not worth attention?

  • Usually, the struggle begins with the simplest destruction, when the aerial part is cut down, and the small shoots are simply knocked down by a chopper or a plane cutter. We must say right away that this will not produce results.
  • Not considered the most successful and the method of small digging, when, driving a spade all over the bayonet, summer residents choose tubers from the ground.
  • The destruction of spring shoots and the fight against Jerusalem artichoke during the year help a little, unless complex measures are taken.

But there are also ways that you should definitely try, because it was they that helped thousands of summer residents to get rid of the earth pear.

An interesting method of combating Jerusalem artichoke

This is a really interesting method, because you need to use the most ordinary domestic pigs in it. We will not argue that this is true, and that pigs will eat all root crops that can give greens for next year, but rumor goes that helps.

In order to provide the animals with the greatest access to the roots of Jerusalem artichoke, it will be necessary to dig the soil as deep as possible, remove all the fruits, leaving only a few sticking out on the surface. Next, make a corral around this site so that the pigs do not go through the tomatoes and climb into the greenhouse, and just wait.

They say that pigs eat all Jerusalem artichoke from the soil, as they especially like to feast on it. The main condition for the implementation of the plan remains the least - the presence of pigs in the country.

Deep digging against Jerusalem artichoke

You can find plant roots even at a depth of half a meter. Therefore, the plant appears on the surface of summer cottages, even if you carefully select all root crops in the fall.

To achieve maximum success, you need to dig a hole at the site of planting an earthen pear to a depth of one meter, and also dig in the sides, for the same meter. Simply put, if the area on which you grow Jerusalem artichoke takes at least a couple of square meters, you will need to shovel up to ten cubes of soil. You know, perhaps you can immediately abandon such an undertaking, unless you will use your brand new country mini tractor or a whole team of fellows with shovels!

Zucchini against Jerusalem artichoke!

We heard an interesting decision from one specialist who told how he removed Jerusalem artichoke from the garden literally in a season by simply sowing zucchini on top of it.

Having dug up a bed of Jerusalem artichoke in the fall, he simply took out all the root crops from the soil. In the spring he made two more digging - with the onset of the first heat and when he discovered the first rare seedlings. Around the same time, zucchini was planted.

When they spread their large leaves over part of the garden, only a few young green stems of our plant appeared on the surface, which were simply dug out with the root. That's it, the struggle is over!

Herbicide Artichoke Etching

You can always try and strong chemicals that we use to destroy weeds in the country and beyond. For example, use Roundup or Hurricane against Jerusalem artichoke.

With a high concentration solution, or even a completely pure preparation, carefully and using personal protective equipment, brush the aerial part with a brush and just wait.

In a week, the plant will practically die, but we can not guarantee that at this stage the struggle will be completely completed.

How to destroy Jerusalem artichoke by covering?

Cardboard, boards, ruberoid, film - all this is great in order to limit the access of air and sunlight to the young shoots of the plant, which will try to break into the first spring heat.

It is necessary to dig out all the root crops to the maximum, tamp the soil, while pressing the old boards into it, folding them tightly next to each other, and then cover everything with a black dense film.

You can use the following mixes for this - cardboard and roofing material, cardboard and film, boards and roofing material. That is, changing places of coverings, you can get an almost identical result - Jerusalem artichoke will no longer be in the country!

Driving Jerusalem artichoke to fertilizers

In theory, if everything is done correctly, it will be possible to simply rot the tubers in the ground so that they do not give growth next spring. To do this, you need to take out shovels of soil on a bayonet along a bed with plants, spill this pit well with compost ripening agent, and then fill it with the same soil from above, only well selected from the remains of root crops. This layer will also need to be shed with the composition. Doing this is approximately in August-September.

A comprehensive method of combating Jerusalem artichoke

Comprehensive measures are the most successful, although many say that the best way to destroy Jerusalem artichoke in time is to eat it. The method is good, and there is even benefit from it, but it is not always possible to eat so many root crops.

So, we propose to deal with an earthen pear in a comprehensive manner, that is, apply several actions within one year at a time. We chose the simplest sequence, and therefore there is nothing complicated here.

So, two options at once:

  • It is good to dig the soil and sift the earth, having selected all the remains of Jerusalem artichoke. Next, spill with compost ripening agent and cover well with a board and then with polyethylene to limit the access of light. But remember that in this case it is not possible to ram the soil, since at least a small amount of air is necessary for composting;
  • You can also dig the soil, drive out the pigs into the area, and then cover the entire area with cardboard and oilcloth. In the spring, immediately upon the appearance of greenery on the surface (if any), treat it with Roundup.

You can independently come up with strategies by using effective methods and mixing them, even spill the soil with compost, and then plant it on top of the zucchini on a new bulk soil layer. But remember that it is not worth releasing pigs to fight Jerusalem artichoke after treating plants with poisons.

In addition, you can choose a certain sequence and use successful methods of combating Jerusalem artichoke throughout the year, without being distracted from standard summer cottage affairs. We are sure that if the measures are comprehensive, and the desire to take the plant out of the cottage is large, then you will surely succeed.

Should I get rid of Jerusalem artichoke? (video)

If you managed to get rid of Jerusalem artichoke by our or your own methods, let us know in the comments to the article. Perhaps you tell us and readers even more new and effective ideas.

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