Do-it-yourself mobile bathhouse

Do-it-yourself mobile bathhouse

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A mobile or camping bath, as it is also called, can indeed become a successful alternative to an expensive building. Not everyone can build a bath, and there are many reasons for this. This is a lack of funds, and a small area of ​​a summer cottage, and lack of time to conduct work. But from today everything becomes much simpler, because a mobile bath is the best way out of the situation.

offers literally within a few days to realize the dream of everyone. You can become the owner of a compact steam room for little money. Believe me, this is really very simple.

What is a mobile country bath

First of all, it is a practical portable design. It consists of a frame, stove and tent. The general set may also include benches or chairs for internal furnishing, but more often it is a small bathhouse for only a few people, and inside there is simply no place for a larger one.

Camping bath can be equipped in very different ways, for example:

  • Steel frame and awning cape;
  • Aluminum frame and plastic wrap;
  • Wood frame and canvas cover.

If we consider such baths from the side of mobility, it is most convenient to use aluminum and polyethylene, since such a set can always be taken with you even in a backpack or a special bag. But if the bathhouse is simply of a simplified nature, and it will be installed in the country, then it is better to build it from wood.

It is interesting to talk about the stove. A standard sauna heater can be installed inside the bathhouse, but at the same time, the stove can be prefabricated, especially if the sauna is constantly changing its location. For example, a small frame made of stone with a firebox inside is being folded. This is enough to warm the bath for heat and steam.

The benefits of a mobile bath

I immediately want to note that this is really not a major building, and it is much inferior to a real bathhouse in the country.

But if there is no other way, then in a similar proposal You can find a lot of positive aspects:

  • Compactness. The bath does not take place in the country. If you have a small plot, you do not need to allocate space for construction. It is enough to install the frame and the oven, heat the stones and then just cover the frame to enjoy. In addition, the bath does not take up space in terms of storage. Having dried the awning, it can be folded into a bag or bag, and put into the garage or barn with the frame;
  • Mobility. Great convenience is that at any time the bath can be installed in any necessary place. Today it is near the shower room with cold water, tomorrow in a shady garden, in a week, already near the new pool where you can cool off quickly, and at the end of the season and generally in nature, where you went for a few days;
  • Low cost. Capital bath is a project, materials, construction work, special equipment, decoration and accessories. We will not say that this is bad, and that a collapsible bathhouse seriously wins in front of a wooden bathhouse in the country. But here we are talking about a financial issue, because a standard bathhouse is very expensive, and a portable one costs a penny. All you need to buy is a cloak on the frame and stove. And then, the oven is far from always needed, because you can also assemble it yourself;
  • Build speed. You work in the country and do not expect guests, but suddenly relatives and friends come with a bunch of products and good mood. Now you will not be unprepared for their meeting, because you can always surprise guests with a small bathhouse, which gathers for an hour;
  • Profitability. Due to the small size, the bath consumes very little fuel. You only need to heat the stones that will be stacked on the stove. Naturally, their heat will not be enough for several hours, but for a couple of visits it is easy.

There are still many advantages, especially when it comes to design features, saving time and money, which is very important.

But we think that you already understand perfectly well that this is just an alternative, a budget option for a standard country bath, but a good option!

Mobile bathhouse for a summer residence

How a mobile bath works

We decided not to tell you how to assemble the frame, and from what materials to create it. We talked on this subject many times, when we talked about canopies, arches, arbors, huts and other prefabricated structures for giving. Therefore, you can determine the material and dimensions yourself, as well as order in any atelier a bath cover from tent fabric, tarpaulin, polyethylene or other materials that maintain tightness and withstand high humidity and temperature.

We turn to the issue of the mobile bath. It is very interesting.

  • The first stage is the assembly of the bath frame in the place where it is most convenient. Make sure that the cage is firmly and securely installed; eliminate swaying and tilting.
  • Now install the oven inside. Be sure to correctly calculate the place of its installation, because after heating the stones you will cover the frame, and the cloak will not have to touch the hot stove.
  • Now lay the stones on and around the stove, in all those places where it gives off heat - above and on the sides.
  • Melt the stove and keep burning for at least an hour. At the same time, firewood should burn well, with a draft more than the average, so that the heat is given out as much as possible.
  • When the stones are heated, it is necessary to cover the frame with a cloak and take care of the tightness of the bath.
  • Done! The bath can be used. Carefully go inside, pour small amounts of hot stones, get steam and pleasant procedures!

Home-made stove for a mobile bath

A portable camping bathhouse in the country is a good cost savings. But the sauna stove-heater is an expensive pleasure. Many will say that then it’s easier to build a capital structure, since you already have to seriously spend money on the furnace. But we have a way out that will allow us not to buy a heater for a lot of money, because it can be folded for our bath independently.

No mortars and masonry, but just assembly, because if the bath is mobile, then the oven should be with similar parameters. Moreover, it will be a decision for the adoption of bathing procedures in nature. After all, nobody will bring a large cast-iron stove there.

So, after mounting the frame, at the stage of installing the furnace, we do the following:

  • We drive two U-shaped structures from a metal corner into the ground, about the same as skewers with meat. That is, they should be opposite each other and form a certain rectangle.
  • Now we lay stones on the sides of the home-made stove, but only on both sides, so that there remains traction for high-quality burning of firewood and maximum heat transfer.
  • Stones are stacked on top of the stove. The number of stones is regulated by the need for temperature in the bath and the amount of steam. The more stones you heat, the more steam there will be. But firewood will have to be burned more, and this is additional time and expenses.
  • Now it remains to set firewood on fire and do not forget to lay them down until the top layer of stones on our stove warms up.
  • Further, everything in the order indicated earlier - covering the frame and using a mobile bath.

Portable team bath in the country - this is not the opening of the year and not a novelty from a manufacturer.

This can be said folk wisdom, which became closer only due to the popularity and attention of some companies to such a product. You can always build a bath yourself, or order it in markets and online stores by choosing the right package and size.

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