Light your summer nights

Light your summer nights

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For many people, their balcony or terrace is still the room of their house - just outside. In the spring and summer, we try to spend more time in it, and this awakens our desire to turn it into the most hospitable and comfortable place.

An easy way to make the space of our balcony or garden area adjacent to the house more attractive is to use different types of lighting. Remember how the lighting in your living room affects your mood and how it changes the atmosphere in it. The same applies to your outdoor space.

Solar lights, garden lights, bright garlands and battery-powered lamps are some of the options you can choose when creating decorative outdoor lighting. Choose one or several types, combine all of them and create a magnificent atmosphere in your garden.

Inspiration of the lighted garden

Remember, using small decorative lamps, you can create a unique lighting effect in the dark. Use outdoor lighting to create a pleasant atmosphere or highlight the most beautiful places in your garden. Thus, nights will be on your side, as darkness will cover the points that you do not want to look at, while the lights will illuminate those places that you love!

Unite spaces

Eliminate the dividing line between your indoor and outdoor space by placing battery lights along the floor or walkway, depending on whether you have a terrace or garden.

So you will create a common space in which moments of meeting with friends last longer.

Light the garden

Create a cozy place for dinner in the fresh air. Decorative lights are ideal for framing such a space. Use items that already exist in your garden. Place a luminous garland in the gazebo or on the fence. The small lights of such decorations blend perfectly with the starry night sky.

Place beautiful garden lights on the patio and create a lively and warm atmosphere with a flame of flickering candles. Small lanterns are perfect for decorating your garden table. Thus, you can enjoy a candlelit dinner.

And if you want, you can hang garlands and lanterns on nearby trees.

Practical and elegant solar lights

Solar lanterns that accumulate energy during the day are practical and fashionable. Place them at the points you want to emphasize, for example, in your favorite flower pot or around a tree in the yard. They are very easy to use - just stick the lamp into the soil and turn in the direction you want to light. Easy and effective.

Another great tip is to place solar lights on every corner of your patio or garden. Thanks to this evening, the space will look bigger and more pleasant, since additional lighting creates an atmosphere.

They are great in the daytime.

The functionality of decorative lighting is mostly felt at night, but trendy outdoor lights and garden lights look just as good all day.

Pendant lights create a wonderful setting on the balcony or in the garden. They add style and make your exterior space thoughtful and original.

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