Cleaning and whitewashing trees in autumn

Cleaning and whitewashing trees in autumn

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Autumn work in the garden is the real end to the season. But you will find not only harvesting, warming plants and fertilizing the soil, but also protecting the garden - cleaning and whitewashing trees, which should remain strong and healthy the next year.

These processes are necessary in order to protect trees from insects and harmful microorganisms, and therefore, let's pay a little more attention to gardening.

Why autumn gardening is so important

The autumn period is important not only in cleaning the garden, when it is necessary to take out all the weeds from it, cut down the overgrowth and start new plantings, but also to take care of the existing trees. First of all, fruit trees will need to be cleaned.

The bark of each tree is a protective layer of the trunk, and therefore it must be protected. It is far from always possible to save all the bark on a tree, but we should try to protect it as much as possible from external influences. The sun, rains, wind and freezing cause the tree bark to burst and leave serious cracks on the trunk - whole crevices, in which it is very convenient for many insects to winter. In addition, any crack in a tree trunk is a real storehouse of tree diseases, because it is here that a huge number of spores and other pathogens of vegetation diseases can inhabit and even winter. Then do not be surprised where in the garden fruit rot and scab.

To prevent such dangers, the trees are cleaned and whitewashed in the garden.

Autumn tree cleaning in the garden

Initially, you will need a fabric, canvas or thick oilcloth to lay this material around the tree to collect bark. It is necessary to do this around the trunk so that parts of the removed bark do not fall to the ground.

Then, you will need to select a tool to work with. It can be a special garden scraper or a standard metal brush, which you will use.

Wearing gloves and plastic glasses to protect yourself from dust and small slivers, you can begin to work.

Clean the trunk of each tree from grossly receding bark, from hard wounds that are exposed to bacteria and infections, remove the bark in layers, but very carefully so as not to injure living tissue. Try not to leave injuries on the tree, because each of them is a potential danger.

Cleaning adult fruit trees will increase their viability by cleaning diseased tissues and increasing gas exchange. Young trees with elastic bark should not be cleaned.

Having finished the work of cleaning the trees, take out all the bark beyond the territory of the summer cottage and burn it so that pathogenic and harmful bacteria and other organisms do not leave in the soil or on the other greenery of the country. Try to make sure that the entire bark is removed and destroyed.

Autumn whitewashing of fruit trees

Why autumn lime whitewashing is necessary?

Autumn whitewashing of trees is important for the garden, and it is unfortunate that many inexperienced summer residents neglect it. It seems to them that only spring whitewashing of trees is enough, because even then a large number of spores and pathogenic bacteria die from lime, and in autumn, whitewashing is only washed off by rains. But this is not so, because the treatment of tree trunks is necessary twice a year to not only kill microorganisms living in the bark, but also to protect the tree from sunburn and frost.

Garden tree problems in winter

Similar problems are possible just at the end of winter or at the beginning of spring, and if you have not prepared the trees, then they can seriously fall ill or even die. In this period, due to a serious difference in daily temperatures (approximately 15-20 °), deep cracks may appear on the trunks of fruit trees. First of all, they affect only surface tissues, but then the problem penetrates deep into the tree trunk. The bark cracks more and more, peels off, falls off the tree, and inclement weather presents an excellent opportunity to have a harmful effect on the bare tree trunk.

Young and adult trees suffer from a similar effect, this happens due to the occurrence of a wide variety of diseases on the surface, and later inside the tree. Black cancer of fruit trees is quite possible, from which garden plants die pretty quickly.

If the whitewashing of tree trunks did not occur in the autumn, you will need to support the trees in early March. Whitewashing fruit trees in the spring will help protect trunks and branches from sunburn and kill infections on the surface of the bark. A little later, around mid-late March, you can re-whitewash the trunks of fruit trees, exactly those that you whitened in the fall.

How to breed whitewash for trees?

By and large, you don’t even need to prepare a solution for treating trees yourself, because in stores there is a ready-made garden whitewash for trees and even paint for whitewashing trees. But, even drawing attention to the presence of such products at specialized points of sale, experienced summer residents prefer to prepare lime for whitewashing trees on their own.

A solution for whitewashing trees in the country is prepared very simply:

  • You need to mix the following components - 2.5 kg of lime, 10 l of pure water, 0.1 kg of wood glue and 0.5 kg of copper sulphate;
  • The composition is recommended to stir for a long time, so that all components dissolve well;
  • Next, give the whitewash a little brew, about a few hours, and use as directed.

In the composition of whitewash for trees, which has high disinfecting properties, you can add a little powder made from dried hellebore Lobel, which will help scare away hares.

Now, having determined the time for whitewashing the trees and preparing the composition correctly, you will only need to choose the right brushes for whitewashing the trees (to make it convenient for you to work), and get down to business that will help the trees stay healthy longer.

Whitewashing trees in the garden

Using slaked lime for whitewashing trees or ready-made compounds that can always be purchased in special stores, you will protect the trees from diseases and pests for a long time. Do not forget only that such garden care should be strictly systematic, and not disposable, because cleaning and whitewashing trees in the garden is one of the main protection factors.

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