Use of stairs in sewer systems

Use of stairs in sewer systems

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Installation of any engineering system is associated with providing access to equipment for diagnostics and repair work. In sewer systems, ladders for sewer wells are used. Products may vary in size, since the depth of the wells is different. Most often, ladders for wells are custom-made or do-it-yourself.

Why does the well need a ladder

Similar designs are used to clean when clogging occurs. Dimensions of products are set in each case individually according to the dimensions of the well. At the same time, there are a lot of ready-made designs, therefore, if possible, it is recommended to make them yourself.

Varieties of well stairs

Ladders for wells can be:

  • portable;
  • stationary.

Stationary products are made of wood or metal, but portable ones can be:

  • rope
  • metal;
  • wooden.

Rope differs from other devices in the method of attachment, production method and other characteristics.

Homemade wooden staircase

Portable species

Portable ladders for wells are becoming increasingly popular. They do not need to be assembled before installation and fixed to the well. Of the devices that also do not require installation, it is worth highlighting the rope and folding:

  1. Folding ladders can be made of wood or metal. Doing it yourself is almost impossible due to the fact that the design involves different mechanisms. The most common metal options with a long length and a service life of up to 15 years.
  2. Wooden ladders for wells can vary in length, but in any case are very practical. The weight of the product depends on its length.

Both options are attached to the well with special hooks. Folding ladders are best used for water wells.

Key Features of Rope Ladders

Ladders made of rope in accordance with GOST are in no way inferior to metal or wooden options. They are practical and easy to use. A strong rope acts as a bowstring in them.

The steps of the structure can be made of:

  • thick plastic;
  • small wooden planks;
  • ropes;
  • light metal.

Do it yourself is quite simple. Of the materials required:

  • electric jigsaw;
  • scissors;
  • hacksaw;
  • rope;
  • material for steps.

The finished structure is mounted on the soil surface with the help of special metal hooks. To ensure reliability, they are concreted directly into the ground. At the ends of the rope structure, there are also special hooks, which act as the main fastening.

We also offer you to read an article in which we talk about the types of covers for wells and options for their independent manufacture.

Stationary species

Do-it-yourselfers can perform stationary structures. Such devices are mounted at the top of the structure or are located on the surface of the well rings. Products are manufactured mainly from metal pipes.

The weight of the stationary metal staircase is small, as it is based on light metal. The main structural elements are steps and a bowstring. A large diameter pipe acts as a bowstring. It is mounted on the surface of the well, and the bent ends are fixed at the base of the well using concrete mix.

According to GOST, steps are made from a pipe of smaller diameter.

The weight of the finished structure depends on its length and the number of steps. All parts are interconnected by welding. The shape of the steps can be either square or round.

Important! Metal ladders for wells are subject to corrosion, so it is worth covering them with paint or varnish. In this case, the best option is a polymer paint that can provide protection for a long period of time.

Features of wooden stairs

A wooden ladder is not as practical as a metal ladder. In the manufacture of the design, all parts are treated with an antiseptic. The product consists of a bowstring and steps.

The following materials and tools are required for the production of the structure:

  • electric jigsaw;
  • wooden planks;
  • steps;
  • screws, screws and dowels;
  • tape measure, pencil and construction level.

It is important that the stationary staircase made of wood is indented from the surface of the inner diameter of the ring. Only in this case it will be possible to use the device freely.

Weight categories

Products are divided into two large groups - lightweight and heavy. As a rule, sewer or water stairs are impressive in weight, as they should be as strong and reliable as possible.

On the market are various options for stairs made both according to the template and individually. Typical products for sewage and wells can have a weight equal to:

  • 9,7;
  • 12,9;
  • 16,2;
  • 19,5;
  • 25.9 and more kg.

Varieties for functional purpose

Well stairs may vary in functionality.

The following varieties of designs:

  • Sewer. They serve to provide access to engineering equipment located in the sewer. Depending on the depth of the well, they can have different lengths.
  • Gutters. They are designed for safe and convenient descent into the gutter to eliminate blockage. They are made from 25 mm smooth reinforcement or reinforcement of other diameters.
  • Plumbing. They provide access to engineering equipment, which includes many elements - pipelines, valves, etc.
  • Ladder for heating networks. It is equipped with handrails, is attached and stationary, is placed to provide access to measuring instruments directly in the chambers. It can be made of smooth or sheet reinforcement or corrugated steel.
  • Ladder for fire hydrant. It is required for the descent into the water well in order to work with a fire hydrant. It is made of smooth reinforcement, the length can be different.

It is not possible to carry out such designs on their own, as high demands are placed on their manufacture. In this case, it is better to purchase finished products for organizing the labor of workers involved in the maintenance of the sewer or water supply system.

Well ladders are necessary for cleaning and repairing sewage systems or water pipes. There are many options, some of which can be done with your own hands.

DIY metal staircase

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