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Dahlia Tartan

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Dahlias bloom for a long time. This cannot but rejoice, which is why every year these flowers have more and more fans. There are more than 10 thousand varieties of dahlias, and sometimes your eyes run up, which one to choose for planting. Let's talk about the Tartan dahlia variety, photos and descriptions are given below.


This variety has been known for a very long time, it was bred in New Zealand and from there it was introduced to Europe in 1950. The plant is tall and belongs to the ornamental class. It reaches a height of 130 centimeters, which can be considered a record. The flower itself belongs to the category of large, the average diameter exceeds 15 centimeters.

Dahlia Tartan is a striking representative, he will amaze anyone with his amazing color. The petals are feather-shaped, wavy at the edges. Cherry color with white touches. The plant looks great in the garden. Period of continuous flowering in the central region: from July to September. Peduncle length is 45-50 centimeters. At least four flowers bloom on the bush at the same time. Requires a garter, although the stalks are strong, they practically do not break.

Tubers are well stored under conditions, resistant to some viruses and diseases. It is recommended to purchase tubers not from hand, but in specialized stores from the manufacturer. This will eliminate the likelihood of buying a fake.

Growing Dahlia Tartan

In order for the dahlia Tartan to bloom well, it is necessary to create a certain microclimate for this. In general, the growing parameters described below are ideal for all varietal dahlias with few exceptions.


The place for the plant should be sunny, but hidden from gusty winds and drafts. Does not tolerate low areas and swampiness. At least the site must be illuminated for 6 hours during the day.

The soil

Loves dahlia varieties Tartan soils rich in humus, but can be grown on any soil. If they are poor, you will need to fertilize before planting and during the flowering period. The required acidity is 6.5-6.7 pH. In the fall, the selected area is dug up.


After the threat of frost has disappeared, you can plant dahlias. This often happens in late May or early June. The volume of the hole should be three times the volume of the tuber itself. Immediately set a stake so that the future plant is convenient to tie up.

As fertilizers for dahlias, you can use superphosphate and ripe manure in small quantities. You should not plant tubers in the area where asters previously grew. Also, after flowering, it is recommended to change the planting site, allowing the soil to rest for a year or two.

In the fall, dahlia tubers are dug up and stored in a cool place, for example, in a closet or cellar.

Reviews about dahlia Tartan

Many people like the dahlia of the Tartan variety, you can find reviews about it on the Internet. We have posted some of them here.

Ekaterina Peskova, Korolev

I plant dahlias in the front garden right in the courtyard of an apartment building. Tartan is a very beautiful variety, unpretentious in care. I store the tubers on the loggia, it is cool there in winter.

Sofia Semenova, Saratov

I have a lot of dahlias, and I have been looking for the Tartan variety for a very long time. I bought on the market a couple of times, but it turned out to be completely different. And then one day I found my dahlia Tartan via the Internet. The flower is large, the plant is tall, I did not grow above 1.1 meters. It blooms in July and decorates our small garden until the end of September. For the winter, they must dig up tubers, they cannot stand wintering. Do not plant in the backyard in completely windproof places - it will grow badly.


Dahlia Tartan is not picky about her care, she is very beautiful and will delight the eye for a long time. It is a pleasure to grow it!


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