Kombucha: care for it, instructions and rules of maintenance

Kombucha: care for it, instructions and rules of maintenance

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Taking care of kombucha is not that difficult. It is enough to follow a few simple rules, to ensure sterility, and kombucha will thank you with a delicious, healthy drink.

How long does a kombucha live

Chinese healers call the drink made from drinking tea mushroom the elixir of health. It really helps to get rid of many diseases, contributes to the overall strengthening of the body. Outwardly, jellyfish does not look very nice. The body resembles a slippery jellyfish in beige, pink or light brown.

Spreading jellyfish resembles gelatinous pancakes

Kombucha lives on nutrients (sugar, tea). If you provide constant care, follow all the rules, feed, the tea jellyfish will grow and produce a carbonated drink indefinitely. Under industrial conditions, jellyfish can grow up to 100 kg. At home, the mushroom lives in the bank. With growth it is divided. They share the cakes with their friends or increase the amount of the drink.

If the tea jellyfish has grown over the entire jar, without dividing it will disappear

It is the proper care that determines the lifespan of a tea jellyfish. You cannot be greedy, acting on the principle - the larger the mushroom, the better the tea drink. If the jellyfish fills the entire jar, it will disappear. Failure to comply with sterility, temperature, storage location, feeding will likewise lead to a reduction in the life of the kombucha.

Important! If necessary, the tea jellyfish is paused. Some kombuchevodov keep the mushroom in the cellar for months, and after adding a nutritious dressing, it resumes its vital activity.

Basic rules for caring for kombucha at home

Having decided to start growing kombucha, you need to remember the basic rules of care:

  1. Kombucha living in a jar must not be closed tightly with a lid. Instead, use a breathable cloth, napkin, or multiple layers of gauze. The cloth cover will provide oxygen, but will block flies and other insects.
  2. In order for a drinking tea mushroom to live and work for a long time, you need to take care of it correctly. Kombucha is placed only in the finished infusion with dissolved sugar. It is made from boiled water. Raw water must not be added due to the high salt content.
  3. It is unacceptable to pour undissolved sugar into the jar, pour in the tea leaves. Solid particles stick to the body of the jellyfish, leaving burns.
  4. During the preparation of the tea leaves, it must not be made too strong. A high concentration of medusomycetes will inhibit growth.
  5. Do not put kombucha in hot liquid. Flavored teas with fruits and other additives are not suitable for dressing. It is optimal to use pure large leaf tea that has not expired.
  6. One of the important rules for caring for kombucha is the observance of the frequency of washing. The jellyfish is placed under running water. In summer, the procedure is done more often, in winter - less often.
  7. If the body of the jellyfish has changed color, brown spots or mechanical damage have appeared, this area is removed. Kombucha is washed, placed in a new solution for resuscitation.

It is important to remember that in summer, when the air temperature is high, drinking kombucha works faster than in winter. You will have to pay attention to it more often, to provide proper care.

Caring for a tea jellyfish requires sterility and accuracy.

Advice! If the drained tea drink is left in a jar at room temperature, after about 2 weeks a transparent layer of mushrooms will appear on the surface of the liquid. Over time, a new jellyfish will be born from this film.

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How to keep kombucha at home

After mastering the basic rules of care, you must clearly learn other equally important recommendations regarding the content of tea drinking mushroom:

  1. In the process of vital activity, jellyfish produces acid. Kombucha cannot be kept in aluminum containers. A stainless steel will work, but a 3L glass jar is the best option.
  2. A container with a tea jellyfish is placed in a slightly darkened place where sunlight does not enter. The jar cannot be placed on the window.
  3. Kombucha will thrive in a well ventilated room with clean air at a temperature of 24-25 aboutC. If the inside of the room is below 17 aboutC, the growth of the jellyfish will slow down, and algae will appear. Temperature rise more than 25 is harmful aboutFROM.
  4. You need to carefully monitor the kombucha, drain the drink in a timely manner, and add a new brew. If the medusomycete has changed color, sank to the bottom, or other unnatural signs appear, then something went wrong. It is necessary to reanimate the jellyfish, fill it with new tea leaves.
  5. A warm place for a tea drink does not mean an area near the battery. The bank should not be located near heating devices.

Kombucha is placed in a jar with ready-made tea leaves.

If you follow simple conditions of detention, Kombucha will thank you with a tasty and healthy drink.

How to properly care for kombucha

The general rules of care and maintenance are clear. However, there are many nuances associated with the medusomycete. It is important to consider step by step how to properly care for kombucha, if there is a desire to start breeding it.

A healthy jellyfish always floats on the surface of the liquid

The importance of keeping clean

Sterility must be maintained from the very beginning of kombucha breeding. The beverage can is sterilized. The tea drink is kept in a clean room, where there is no burning, tobacco smoke, mold on the walls. Do not put dirty dishes, houseplants, or leave food near the jar. It is important to restrict access to pets.

While serving the tea jellyfish, the person should be in clean clothes. Hands should be washed well, and it is better to wear medical gloves.

How to care for kombucha in a jar

When the kombucha has grown in the can and the drink is ready to drink, it is drained. Two glasses of liquid must be left as a leaven. For a new dressing, large-leaf tea is brewed. For 1 liter of water, take 2 tsp. tea leaves and 5 tbsp. Sahara. Insist refueling for 15 minutes. The liquid is cooled to room temperature, filtered through cheesecloth from tea leaves. The remaining 2 glasses of sourdough are poured into the dressing. The finished liquid is poured into a jar. The jellyfish is taken with clean hands and placed in the dressing. Initially, it can sink to the bottom. There is nothing wrong. The neck of the can is covered with a clean cloth, pressed with an elastic band, a new tea drink is expected.

How to care for young Kombucha

If a young mushroom is obtained independently from tea leaves, then after 1.5 months from the moment of inception it is pulled onto a dish, washed with a weak solution of apple cider vinegar, placed in a jar with a new tea leaves, and further development is expected.

When caring for a young mushroom obtained by separating a large tea jellyfish from the body, pour the new jellyfish with tea leaves containing 1/10 of the old sourdough from the total volume of the liquid.

How to properly contain a "sick" Kombucha

If the technology of care is violated, the tea jellyfish is sick. The first signs of the disease are discoloration, the appearance of mold, the immersion of the jellyfish on the bottom of the jar. You cannot drink such a drink. If the first signs appear, you need to establish proper care for the kombucha, but first, it is rehabilitated.

The jellyfish is removed from the jar, the damaged parts of the body are removed, washed under running water or in apple cider vinegar, depending on the type of disease. The container for the new drink is sterilized. A new dressing is brewed, a mushroom is placed in it. At first, the jellyfish will float on the bottom, which is considered a normal action. When the body recovers, the tea jellyfish will float to the surface.

Important! If the kombucha is badly damaged by worms or mold, it is best to throw it away.

Proper care of kombucha after separation

Over time, the jellyfish grows and requires division. New cakes can be gifted to friends or used to increase the production of a tea drink. The jellyfish is divided when it begins to flake off. The young cake is placed in a sterilized jar, poured with fresh brew, adding 1/10 of the old sourdough from the total volume of the liquid. After three days, the kombucha will grow and start producing a drink. However, it will reach the highest quality after 2 months.

How to drain kombucha

Kombucha is grown for its medicinal drink. When it is ready, you need to drain it in a timely manner, but they do it in the same way, observing the rules.

Drinking Kombucha is good for the elderly

How many days to drain the kombucha

Approximately on the seventh day after filling in a new dressing, the drink is tasted. Determine its readiness. If the tea drink is pleasantly sweet and tart, it is time to drain it. However, the ready time may vary depending on the season. Kombucha works faster in summer. The drink will be ready in 2-5 days. In winter, they are drained less often - after 6-8 days.

In addition to draining the drink, the mushroom itself must be periodically rinsed under running water. There are also deadlines here. In summer, flushing is carried out once every 1-2 weeks, and in winter - once every 3-4 weeks.

How to properly drain kombucha

The readiness of the tea drink is tried carefully, without lowering metal tableware inside the can. If it is time to drain, the kombucha is removed from the container and placed on a clean plate. Immediately pour out 2 cups of sourdough separately for a new batch of brewing. The rest of the drink is poured into glass bottles, sent to cool in the refrigerator. Add honey, fruit pieces or natural spices if desired.

Important! Bottles should not be poured with drink to the edges of the neck. It foams and requires free space inside the container.

Frequent mistakes in the care and maintenance of kombucha

Even an experienced person who knows how to care for a kombucha in a jar is not immune from mistakes that lead to negative consequences. However, most often they are allowed by novice kombuchevodov.

The medicinal properties of the drink are preserved with proper care of kombucha.

The most common mistakes are:

  1. Drinking an unripe drink is not beneficial. In addition, early draining does not give the kombuche the strength to grow.
  2. The firing of the jellyfish's body occurs from grains of undissolved sugar poured into a jar.
  3. Turning over the cake inside the can, breaking off the lower fibers leads to the fact that the drink does not ripen. It is the yeast filaments that are responsible for this function.
  4. With a rare change of dressing, the drink becomes vinegar, which destroys the jellyfish.
  5. The use of metal utensils instead of a can leads to the oxidation of the liquid, which ends with the death of beneficial organisms.
  6. Application for a new dressing of hot tea ends with the death of the mushroom.

Avoiding common mistakes will help a novice kombuchevator to get a healthy and tasty drink all year round.


You need to take care of the kombucha constantly. If for some time it is not needed, you can pause it, send it to be stored in the basement. After a time, when the need arises, kombucha is poured with a new dressing, brought back to life.

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