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You can plant cucumbers and zucchini nearby

You can plant cucumbers and zucchini nearby

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Good day! Tell me, can I plant cucumbers and zucchini nearby? They are not pollinating?



On the same bed with cucumbers and pumpkins, they can be placed only if it is not planned to grow seed fruits.

Seeds are not planned. There is not much space left in the garden near the bush squash. So I’m thinking of planting bush cucumbers there. I know one family is not recommended to plant t. K. Some sores. But I don’t care if they get dusty again.

They, even if pollinated, the fruits will be normal, but offspring from them may not please you.

This is the most important thing, thanks!

And what kind of bush cucumbers are these? I haven’t heard about such cucumbers.

I tried to plant it like that for a year, neither in zucchini, nor in cucumbers as a result of the harvest, there were no single copies, I do not experiment anymore

This is called Kustova.

So what to do, plant or not?

I know this one, but I thought I didn’t buy short lashes, like a bush squash, because he didn’t please me, I don’t remember now.

I plant for the first time, my aunt praises him, so I decided to plant. I also planted a couple on a pumpkin.

Here it’s interesting, nui about the variety, then share your impressions?

Good 🙂

Thank you, I will also take more photos now.

All my life I plant cucumbers near zucchini

And I have cucumbers with taverns in the same garden. Always bear fruit. So I’m still distributing to all the neighbors. Only beds in places change every year

Of course you can, plant, only on the seeds do not leave either one or the other.

Inoculated on laginaria

No, I didn’t find the laginarium; I took the pumpkin hot and disease-resistant. I planted cucumbers on a pumpkin and melon on a pumpkin.

Thanks! Tell me, at what distance do you plant cucumbers? In the hole a few pieces?

Cucumbers often do not plant after about 50 cm, I actually clamped seedlings, because someone eats them with seeds

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