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How to propagate and grow roses on the site

How to propagate and grow roses on the site

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Hello. Please tell me the method of propagation and growing roses on the site. Thanks in advance.


Depending on what interests you, I propagate standard bushes by cuttings, this year I want to try vaccinations. I propagate plate and ground cover by dropping branches, like gooseberries.

There are many nuances: soil, place, etc. It’s better to google!

I tried with cuttings of 20, only 4 began. If other ways.

Lyudmila, the propagation by cuttings has its own nuances, if I breed after the first flowering, this is the beginning of summer, then it takes root 70 percent, I tried to breed in September, only 20% took root. It still matters what to rebuke.

it is after the first flowering. This plays a role. In the fall I dropped the cuttings of roses into the cellar and in the spring I planted them in the ground under the film until the red petals appeared. A complicated process. There is something easier. These are roses from my plot. I just wanted to propagate them.

I chopped the cuttings and wrapped them in a root root for the night, planted them in a container where 70% of the sand is the rest of the soil. I put them in a mold, a month later there were roots but there were no new leaves. Autumn planted in open ground and they began to grow foliage to the cold, then under the winter shelter.

And now I have such bushes

Thank you very much. My mistake is that I planted in the ground without adding sand and not in the greenhouse, but in the open. Once again, many thanks. I will take note.

and in the fall of what month they landed in the ground?

oh, I don’t remember exactly, but somewhere in the end of September, when the intense heat left and the frost is still far away. But I live in Kharkov, Ukraine, our autumn is warm.


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