Miracle snow shovel with auger

Miracle snow shovel with auger

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It is difficult and time-consuming to remove snow with an ordinary shovel. Such a tool can be used in a small area. For cleaning large areas, mechanized snow removal devices are used. For example, if you use a shovel with an auger to remove snow, then the work can be done several times faster and with less labor costs.

Varieties of screw shovels

Despite the wide variety of auger shovels, these tools have a mechanism similar in design and principle of operation - the auger. It is he who is responsible for capturing, grinding and throwing snow. If we consider this snow removal tool in general, then the auger shovel for snow removal is:

  • The single-stage model has only one auger as a working mechanism with circular knives twisted in a spiral. During the rotation of the drum, the blades capture the snow, grind it and feed it to the blades, which push the snow mass through the outlet sleeve.
  • The two-stage model has a similar design, only before the snow is ejected, the snow passes through the rotor mechanism. The rotating impeller looses the mass with its blades and pushes it out through the discharge sleeve with an air flow.

By the type of drive, the auger shovel is:

  • The functionality of the hand tool resembles a blade scraper, only the snow inside its body is ground with an auger. The drive here is the physical strength of the operator. The man simply pushes the shovel in front of him.
  • The mechanical tool is powered by a motor. Moreover, it can be electric or internal combustion engine. A mechanical shovel may not be equipped with an engine, but serve as a hitch for a walk-behind tractor or a mini-tractor. In this case, the auger drive is connected to the motor of the traction unit. The range of snow throwing in a power shovel can reach 15 m. Hand tools do not have such parameters. He simply pushes the snow aside. Mechanical auger shovels differ in the type of movement:
  • A non-self-propelled tool usually has skis instead of wheels. He moves from the pushing efforts of a person. The motor is only responsible for the rotation of the auger.
  • Self-propelled tools are available on wheels and crawler tracks. Such machines move by themselves, and the person only controls the handle.

Despite significant differences in design, the principle of operation of any auger shovel is the same.

When the snow blower starts to move, regardless of the type of drive, the rotating auger grabs the snow and then throws it out of the way through the sleeve. The throw distance depends on the speed of the working mechanism. The operator adjusts the throwing direction with a swivel visor.

Important! Changing the angle of the canopy affects the throwing distance of the snow.

Auger miracle shovel FORTE QI-JY-50

An ordinary shovel can clear a small area of ​​snow, but this process is still laborious. The mass captured by the bucket must be lifted in front of you to be thrown to the side. A large load from such work goes to the arms and back. The developed hand-held miracle shovel is a mechanical snow removal tool. A feature of its design is the auger installed inside the dump bucket.

The FORTE QI-JY-50 model is a worthy representative of this tool. The blade itself is made of durable plastic. Capture width - 60 cm. The auger is fixed to the blade. It starts to rotate when a person pushes a shovel in front of him. At this time, spiral-shaped blades grab the snow and throw it to the side. Thanks to the auger, a person applies less effort to pushing the shovel. This reduces the load on the spine.

Advice! The hand-held miracle shovel is effective in removing freshly fallen snow. If there is not a lot of it, then working in the fresh air will become an easy warm-up.

Conventionally, two types of snow cover can be distinguished, with which the miracle shovel is able to cope:

  • It's frosty outside, and the ground is covered with fluffy snow up to 15 cm thick. There is no better weather for working with a hand tool. The shovel will easily travel on the surface of the ground, and the auger will grab the entire thickness of the cover. When working, you need to find the correct angle of inclination of the tool relative to the ground. The auger must not touch the ground, otherwise it will brake.
  • The snow cover was packed, and during the night it grew up to 30 cm. A shovel cannot cope with such a layer. The auger will simply get stuck in the snow and will not rotate. Only a strong person can physically move such a thickness. Elderly people or teenagers will not master this work.

However, there is a way out of the latter situation. Craftsmen have learned to upgrade the FORTE QI-JY-50 shovel. For this, an additional blade is attached in front of the auger at a height of 15 cm. When a person starts pushing such a combination tool, the front scraper scrapes off the top layer of snow. The shovel that follows the miracle easily captures the remaining 15 cm thick cover.

Self-made mechanical auger shovel

Factory snow blowers are quite expensive, so many craftsmen make mechanical shovels themselves. The motor can be used electric, but there is the inconvenience of being attached to an outlet. In addition, the cable is constantly tangled underfoot. Find the best air-cooled gasoline engine. A motor from a walk-behind tractor is perfect.

The manufacture of a mechanical shovel is performed in the following sequence:

When all the components of the power shovel are assembled, all that remains is to attach the control handle. It is made from a pipe 15–20 mm thick. They give any form that is convenient for the operator. It usually resembles the letter "P" or "T".

The video shows a homemade snow blower:

The mechanical shovel engine is started after checking all the components. The auger must rotate freely by hand inside the bucket, and the blades must not catch on its walls. After the test, it is advisable to cover the drive units with a cover for your own safety.

The speed of snow removal with an auger shovel is high. For a person, such work will become more useful entertainment in the fresh air than a tedious activity.

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