Swollen lepiota: description and photo

Swollen lepiota: description and photo

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Lepiota swollen (Lepiota magnispora) is a mushroom from the Champignon family. I call it differently: scaly yellowish lepiota, swollen silverfish.

Despite its attractiveness, this seemingly axleless representative is life-threatening, since the fruiting body contains toxins.

What do bloated lepiots look like?

There are a lot of umbrella mushrooms, among them there are many lepiots. Therefore, they need to learn to distinguish them by their external features.

The fruiting body is distinguished by a small cap. Initially, it has the shape of a bell or half a ball. As it grows, it becomes prostrate. The diameter of this part is within 3-6 cm.

Attention! Despite its age, the fungus always has a tubercle.

The surface is white-yellow, beige or reddish, and the crown is slightly darker. Scales are located throughout the cap, which are clearly visible along the edge. The lower part of the fruiting body consists of plates. They are wide, free, light yellow in color. In young silverfish, swollen spores acquire a pale yellow tint over time. The color of the spore powder is white.

Swollen lepiota is distinguished by a thin leg, the diameter of which is about half a centimeter. Height - 5-8 cm. They are hollow, young specimens have a white ring, which first becomes thin, and then, generally, disappears.

The surface is covered with scales, which are initially light, and then darken. The inner part near the base is auburn or brown. In young representatives of the Champignon family, the entire leg is covered with a bloom in the form of ocher flakes.

Where swollen lepiots grow

Where there are mixed or deciduous forests with moist soil, you can find swollen lepiota. These are summer-autumn mushrooms. The first fruiting bodies can please with their appearance in September, until the frost begins.

Attention! They grow in small groups.

Is it possible to eat swollen lepiots

All types of lepiots have similarities, which makes them difficult to collect. Moreover, the genus has edible representatives. It is better for novice mushroom pickers to refuse to collect fruit bodies that resemble umbrellas.

If we talk about the edibility of swollen lepiota, then in different sources opinions do not coincide. Some researchers argue that they can be eaten, while others classify representatives with umbrella-shaped hats as deadly poisonous.

Warning! Since the fruiting bodies are poorly understood, it is best not to take risks if in doubt.

Poisoning symptoms

Whatever degree of toxicity the bloated lepiots have, it is better not to collect them. Moreover, many sources indicate that there are no antidotes. When poisoning with mushrooms, a person develops nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. In some cases, the temperature rises.

First aid for poisoning

After calling an ambulance, the victim needs first aid:

  1. Put to bed.
  2. Give plenty of fluids to cleanse the intestines.
  3. After each fluid intake, induce vomiting and drink water again.
  4. Give charcoal tablets as sorbent.


Swollen lepiota is a poisonous inedible mushroom. Its use can be fatal. However, outwardly beautiful silverfish should not be kicked, because they are part of wildlife.

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