Blackberry liqueur

Blackberry liqueur

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Chokeberry liqueur is a great addition to a dinner with close friends. Depending on the recipe, you can get a ready-to-eat product in 2 weeks or the very next day. Additional ingredients such as honey, lemon, cloves, mint add a special piquancy to the drink. There are a lot of chokeberry liqueur recipes, and in order to understand which one is more to your liking, you need to try several.

Rules for making homemade chokeberry liqueur

The fruits of black chokeberry (chokeberry) contain many substances useful to the human body, however, they are rarely consumed in raw form, since they have a tart specific taste. They are used as an ingredient in the preparation of low alcohol drinks, in particular, liqueurs.

Blackberry berries must be collected in enamel, glass or plastic containers, since metal dishes will negatively affect their taste. In central Russia, it is better to harvest in October with the onset of a cold snap, the berries in this case will be softer, juicier and sweeter.

If the fruits of the black chokeberry are supposed to be frozen, they must be washed and dried in the fresh air, but not in the sun. If this is not done, all condensate will turn into ice. The berries are placed in containers or trays and only after complete freezing are poured into bags, tied or sealed hermetically.

If moonshine is present in the blackberry liqueur recipe, it should be double distilled so that the amount of fusel oils is minimized. It is advisable to dilute alcohol or moonshine with distilled water - this will not affect the taste and smell of the final product.

A simple black chokeberry liqueur recipe

It happens that guests come unexpectedly, and in the house for such an occasion, as luck would have it, nothing is in store. The next way to make chokeberry liqueur at home can change the awkward situation. It cooks quickly and requires a minimum of products:

  • blackberry - 1 kg;
  • vodka - 500 ml;
  • granulated sugar - 400 g.

The cooking process boils down to a few simple steps:

  1. Washed and sorted out blackberry berries are poured over with boiling water or dipped in a colander in boiling water for 30 seconds.
  2. Next, they are placed in clean gauze, folded in 2 layers, and the juice is squeezed out.
  3. In a glass container, it is combined with sugar and mixed until smooth. Then vodka is added to the syrup at the rate of 1: 1.
  4. After that, the drink is ready for tasting, however, if it is kept in dark bottles in the cold for 2 weeks, the taste will be brighter and richer.

Chokeberry liqueur with alcohol

The classic version of the recipe for chokeberry liqueur at home is with alcohol. There are few ingredients, as in the previous case:

  • chokeberry - 3 kg;
  • pure alcohol, diluted to 40% - 1 liter;
  • granulated sugar - 500 g.

Cooking process step by step:

  1. Blackberry berries are ground with sand using a wooden mallet.
  2. The resulting mass is transferred to a glass jar and poured with alcohol.
  3. A medical glove is put on the neck.
  4. In this form, the container is placed in a warm and dark place for fermentation. In the process, the glove should gradually inflate and then fall off. This is a signal that the liquor is ready.
  5. The liquid is filtered through cheesecloth and poured into dark bottles.

Chokeberry liqueur with cloves and orange

An interesting and quite simple recipe, according to which the taste of homemade liqueur is spicy and multifaceted, is with orange and cloves. The only drawback is that the result will have to wait long enough, the drink must be infused.

If possible, you need to collect chokeberry after the first frost, then more sugar accumulates in the fruits, and the tart taste weakens. Otherwise, blackberry berries should be placed in the freezer for 2-3 days.

To prepare a spicy chokeberry liqueur, you will need the following ingredients:

  • blackberry berries - 1 kg;
  • sugar - 500 g;
  • pure food alcohol 96% - 500 ml;
  • moonshine or vodka 40% - 500 ml;
  • orange - 1 pc.;
  • lemon - 1 pc.;
  • cloves - 4-5 pcs.;
  • vanilla - half a pod or 8 g of vanilla sugar.

The cooking algorithm is as follows:

  1. The black fruit must be thawed.
  2. Place in a glass container and knead a little with a wooden spoon or crush.
  3. Then you need to add spices, citrus zest, pour in alcohol and vodka, and mix thoroughly.
  4. Close the container tightly with a lid and place in a cool, dark place, where the contents will infuse for 1 month.
  5. After the specified period, strain the infusion, and cover the berries with sugar and stand until it dissolves, periodically shaking the contents of the jar.
  6. Drain the resulting syrup and mix with the tincture. You can also make a syrup by dissolving sugar in 250 ml of water and keeping it on low heat until it thickens.
  7. The resulting liquid must be filtered and bottled in dark glass.
  8. In this form, the liqueur should be infused for 3-6 months, after which it will be ready for use.

Warning! The product is contraindicated for people allergic to citrus fruits.

Homemade chokeberry liqueur with vanilla and honey

Many housewives prepare chokeberry liqueur at home using honey. The drink turns out to be thick, moderately sweet, with hints of light bitterness and sourness. This recipe is considered one of the best options for making liqueur at home. Of the products you will need:

  • chokeberry fruits - 2-3 kg;
  • honey - 4 tbsp. spoons;
  • alcohol 60-75% - 0.7 l;
  • granulated sugar - 1 kg;
  • water - 500 ml;
  • lemon - 1 pc.;
  • vanilla - 1 pod or 16 g vanilla sugar
  • cloves - 4-6 pcs.

Prepare honey-vanilla liqueur with chokeberry as follows:

  1. Thawed berries are placed in a glass container, sugar, alcohol, vanillin and cloves are added, and mixed well.
  2. The jar is tightly corked and placed in a dark, cool room for 20 days. During this period, the contents are shaken regularly.
  3. Then the resulting liquid is drained or filtered.
  4. The fruits are poured with water and insisted for 3 hours.
  5. The resulting juice is added to the infusion and kept for another 15 days.
  6. After that, honey is added to the jar, lemon juice is squeezed out, stirred well and poured into bottles, where the liquor will be infused for another six months.
  7. To give transparency, the contents of the bottles are poured several times, getting rid of the formed honey sediment.
  8. The liquor must be filtered before use.

Chokeberry liqueur at home: a recipe with lemon

A pleasant, gooey homemade liqueur can be prepared using the following ingredients:

  • chokeberry - 3 kg;
  • vodka (moonshine) - 500 ml;
  • granulated sugar - 1 tbsp.;
  • water - 1 tbsp.;
  • lemon - 3 pcs.

Step-by-step cooking instructions:

  1. Sugar is mixed with water, brought to a boil over low heat, stirring constantly.
  2. Lemon juice is added to the cooled syrup, mixed and poured into a jar with berries.
  3. Then the fruits of blackberry are poured with vodka and removed to a dark place for 20 days.
  4. After the specified period, the contents of the jar are thrown onto a sieve and filtered, kneading the berries.
  5. The homemade liqueur passed through a sieve is bottled - it is ready to drink.

Homemade chokeberry liqueur with mint vodka

Chokeberry mint tincture is an exquisite drink that will be appreciated primarily by ladies. To prepare a drink at home, you will need:

  • chokeberry berries - 5 kg;
  • granulated sugar - 1 kg;
  • fresh mint - 5 branches in the absence - 5 g of dry crushed leaves);
  • vodka or moonshine - depending on the desired strength;
  • cloves - 5 pcs.

Mint liqueur with black chokeberry is easy to make:

  1. Chokeberry is kneaded or chopped with a blender.
  2. Add sugar, mint, cloves and let it brew for 2 days.
  3. Then moonshine or vodka is added, the container is tightly closed and placed for 3 months to infuse in a dark place.
  4. After a specified period of time, they are filtered and bottled.
  5. Homemade chokeberry low-alcohol drink is ready to drink.

Rules for the storage and use of chokeberry liqueur

Store homemade chokeberry liqueur at room temperature in a dark room (closet, closet). In moderate doses (up to 50 g per day), homemade chokeberry tinctures have a therapeutic effect on the body:

  • reduce blood cholesterol levels;
  • increase immunity;
  • improve appetite and digestive tract function;
  • lower blood pressure;
  • help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and increase their elasticity.

With excessive use of homemade aronia tincture, intoxication of the body, headache, alcoholic intoxication, tachycardia is possible. For elderly people, an overdose of chokeberry liqueur threatens a heart attack and stroke.

It is strictly forbidden to use homemade chokeberry liqueur for hypotension, stomach ulcer, gastritis, diseases of the genitourinary system, cystitis, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins.


Chokeberry liqueur is an exquisite and pleasant drink that will satisfy even the most sophisticated gourmets. It is not difficult to cook it at home, the main thing is the desire and availability of the necessary products. In addition to the enjoyment of tasting, drinking liqueur within reasonable limits can have a positive therapeutic effect.

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