Medium asterisk (wood lice, woodworm): useful properties and medicinal abilities

Medium asterisk (wood lice, woodworm): useful properties and medicinal abilities

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Asterisk is a flower plant from the carnation family. It stands out among other cultures with a huge number of species. There are more than 200 of them. Asterisk grows on the whole planet, but depending on the climate and soil characteristics it changes the shape of flowers, leaf color and other characteristics.

What does a starfish look like and where does it grow

A beautiful and delicate flower has several names and can be perennial and annual. Prefers cool climates., alpine plateau. The mountainous regions of the subtropics and tropics hide unusual glades of blooming starfish. Certain varieties began to be cultivated by gardeners and decorated home gardens along with other ornamental plants.

How to grow an asterisk

Botanical description of starfish species

Most A common form of flowers of the muzzle (wood lice) has weak stems. They stretch along the surface, clinging to any adjacent herbs and plants.

The stem can rise or lie on the ground, fixing occurs due to the hairs located on the skin of the sprocket.

  • Stem length - 30 cm;
  • Pedicel - pubescent;
  • fruit - an oval-shaped box with seeds;
  • Seeds are similar in appearance to the kidneys.
  • 5-petal bud;
  • Flowering lasts 5 months.

The shape of the leaves is round, pointed from above. At the base, the sheets are decorated with cilia. The upper leaflets differ from the lower ones in the way of fixing.

  • The upper ones are sessile;
  • The lower ones are petiolate.

The plant loves moist fertile land.

Medium asterisk (woodlice, woodlice)

The Latin name of the species is Stellaria media (stellaria). In everyday life, the species is called wood lice. The plant is part of the weed family, it fills the ridges, scatters seeds, and spoils the mood of the owners. Stellaria has a huge number of healing properties, which are unknown to many fans working in the garden. The middle asterisk is an annual variety. Description of special features:

  • branched stem rising up to 10 cm in height;
  • Oval-shaped leaves with a different fixing method (sessile and petiolate);
  • Small sized flowers resembling stars;
  • Inflorescences are white;
  • The fruit has oblong shapes;
  • seeds are small and forming in large numbers.

Woodlice has unique abilities. She predicts the arrival of rain, an increase in humidity. Popular signs say that if the flowers on the wood louse did not open before 9 o’clock in the morning, you can wait for rain. Flowering attracts bees because it creates honey buds.

Asterisk oak (forest)

The Latin name is Stellaria nemorum. Grass is called owl potion. Unlike other species, the grass is perennial, has a strong root, which goes deep into the soil. The stems stand straight and reach a height of 60 cm. All branches and stems are pubescent. Leaflets are decorated with cilia. Leaf shape - hearts. The flowers of the variety of forest stellate are voluminous, and single. Fruits look like an elongated box, the sashes of which open in 8-10 parts. In folk recipes, grass is used against skin diseases, oncology. The plant has poisonous properties., therefore, is not used in tinctures and decoctions. Allowed only surface treatment and composition for lotions.

Cereal stellate

Latin name Stellaria graminea. Perennial grass. The stem branches and beautifully covers the ground. The tetrahedral stems rise above the ground to a height of 40 cm. The leaves are sharp and somewhat rough to the touch. Small white inflorescences close the stem, forming a numerous numerous flowering. In the recipes of the healers use stems, leaves and flowers. Poisonous stellaria cultivar. Therefore, all recipes are created for external treatment. Do not use inside. Helps with violations in the female reproductive system. Another purpose of the herb is strengthening in adulthood, maintaining the activity of blood flow in elderly patients.

Sprocket Bunge

Stellaria bungeana is the Latin name for the Bunge species. Perennial stellaria has a thin root, grows in length up to 50cm. The description of the species does not differ from the main traditional, but there are also peculiarities inherent only to this species. It is found in Siberia, the Far East, on the European territory of the eastern regions. The plant is an excellent honey plant.

In folk recipes, funds created on the basis of flowers have various indications:

  • diarrhea;
  • rheumatism;
  • swelling of the extremities;
  • dermatomycosis;
  • joint pain.

The stellate Bunge has several wide ranges of healing effects:

  • wound healing;
  • stopping blood loss;
  • saturation with vitamins;
  • stimulation of internal systems;
  • removal of allergic reactions.

The Bunge variety in the composition of medicines reduces the amount of sugar (fresh grass), eliminates the manifestations of stomatitis (dry mix).

Spider asterisk

The bush of the carnivore is similar in appearance to other varieties of grass, but stands out in the form of leaves. They are short up to 15 cm, elongated and revealing the beauty of flowers. Small white petals are separated by bright green and thin sepals. In medicine, the properties of the treatment of skin lesions have been identified.

The healing and beneficial properties of medium stellate

The variety is used as food, adding as a component to salads and seasonings. Separate meals help eliminate signs of developing scurvy and anemia.

Grass is taken for bathtubs, which become prophylaxis for healing the whole body. There is evidence of the action of bathtubs with wood lice in the skin, they rejuvenate and strengthen. Compresses are created from the grass, for this, the wood lice are steamed. Externally, wood lice provides a healing effect in such diseases:

  • rheumatism;
  • radiculitis;
  • wounds;
  • bruises;
  • stretching;
  • gout;
  • acne

Asterisk medium plant is used in homeopathic medicines.

Its surface parts contain many useful trace elements:

  • Alkaloids: regulate the nervous system, anesthetize, remove the gag reflex.
  • Flavonoids: improve the state of blood vessels, reduce the rate of development of sclerosis, enhance antioxidant properties, prevent the appearance of tumors by cancer cells, protect against histamine
  • Saponins: destroy the process of hemolytic activity. Blood becomes saturated, blood flow returns to normal.
  • Lipids: provide an opportunity for physiological development. There is a saturation with energy, blood transportation is enhanced.
  • coumarins;
  • phenol;
  • carbon.

In addition, the plant is enriched with vitamin C, A, E, K, calcium, iodine and potassium salts.

The healing properties of woodlice

Collecting and harvesting sprockets

For the procurement of medicinal material, it is required to prepare only the upper ground part. The plant is harvested during abundant flowering, this is approximately the middle of summer. A special place is prepared for drying. It can be a table mounted on a veranda under a canopy. The grass cannot be exposed to rain and direct sunlight. In addition, the raw materials should be ventilated, but not eroded. During drying, the grass becomes a fine, almost powdery consistency. They put it in containers Several storage options are suitable:

  • glass jar;
  • fabric pouch;
  • plastic box.

The use of asterisk in folk medicine

Mokrica is used against so many pathologies that it is impossible to list everything. Recipes depend on peoples and grass collection area.

In Belarus, preparations are being prepared on the basis of herbs against hemorrhoids, to stop bleeding, and hypovitaminosis. In Karelia, compounds are created for the treatment of cardiac pathologies and liver diseases. They remove skin lesions and strengthen the genitourinary system. Nanaians treat wood puffiness with swelling of the legs.

Compress for pain in joints and knees

Grind the grass and in the form of porridge impose on the affected areas. Tied with a bandage or cloth.

Infusions for heart pain

A handful of grass is sealed with boiling water and left for 6 hours in a warm place or in a steam bath. Take 100 g with a meal.

Tincture of stellate starch from joint pain

Fill the can with 2/3 of the grass, pour vodka to the top, leave it in a dark place for a month. Shaking the container is not required. After 3 weeks, the grass is squeezed, used for external rubbing or in the form of a compress.

Asterisk for thyroid treatment

The smaller the leaves of woodlice in size, the more nutrients in it. For the treatment of thyroid gland, special raw materials are prepared from small leaves.

Wood lice juice

Helps against pathologies affecting the thyroid gland. Creating juice is easy. Take a regular home appliance and squeeze a healing drink. The grass is collected before being placed in a juicer, washed under running water and shaken to expel excess moisture. Then the grass is left for several minutes on the table. When the moisture comes out, the grass can begin to process.

The recipe for a healing fluid:

  • Pick grass early in the morning;
  • Rinse under a running stream or in clean water from a spring;
  • Pass through a meat grinder immediately after washing and collecting (It is impossible that the grass subsided and lost healing properties).

The gruel obtained after grinding is placed in gauze, squeezed juice. You can store a healing drink during the day in a cold place. Drink a teaspoon at the beginning of the day. Juice is always made fresh.

Herbal Juice

Together with woodlice take motherwort, rose hips. All components should be the same amount. Creating juice is similar to a pure solution from wood lice. The result of use is an improvement in the state of the endocrine system. In some medical sources, you can find advice for an effective complex. Juices alternate every other day.

How to make a starfish salad

Contraindications and harm to stellate

There are no serious prohibitions on grass. People with low blood pressure are not advised to use the recipes, as the asterisk reduces it even further.

The genus of starfish will help get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of various diseases.

The flower bush does not take up much space on the plot and does not take time to leave. Useful grass will help strengthen the body, maintain youth and activity.

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