Tinder fox: description and photo

Tinder fox: description and photo

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The fox tinder is an inedible representative of the Gimenochet family. Grows on dead deciduous wood, causing white rot on it. Despite the fact that this representative is not used in cooking, it is widely used in folk medicine and cosmetology.

What does a fox tinder look like?

The semi-spread fruit body has a wide convex base, 5-7 cm in diameter. Ribbed, velvety, with rounded, blunt edges, the surface is painted in a bright orange color. As it grows, the edges sharpen, bend towards the top, and the surface becomes rusty-brown or brown. The mushroom is attached to the tree with its lateral surface. The leg is missing.

The pulp is soft, watery, with age it becomes tough, fibrous, brownish-brown in color. Reproduction occurs by microscopic spores, which are located in the tubular layer.

The mushroom got its name for its bright red color.

Where does the fox tinder fungus grow

This forest dweller prefers to grow on rotten aspen wood. It can also be found on stumps, dead wood, fruit trees and building material. Grows in single specimens or forms a tiled family. Begins fruiting from May to September.

The fox tinder fungus is a parasite and saprotroph. When settling on a rotting tree, it destroys it, turns the soil into a nutritious substrate, which favorably affects the growth of young animals.

On building materials, an infection can be recognized by a yellow-ocher strip separating it from a healthy area. If the mushroom has settled on a fruit crop, then in order for it not to spread throughout the entire trunk, it must be cut at the first stage of development, since it can lead to infection of white rot and death of the plant. If you are late in getting rid of, then the fungus quickly spreads throughout the tree. Such a culture is not simply chopped down, but uprooted and burned.

Is it possible to eat tinder fox

This tree mushroom is an inedible, but not poisonous specimen. Due to the tough, tasteless and aromatic pulp, the species is not used in cooking. But thanks to its beneficial qualities, the mushroom is widely used in medicine and cosmetology.

Medicinal properties and application

The fruit body contains a large amount of nutrients, so it is often used in folk medicine. This representative of the forest kingdom helps with the following diseases:

  • obesity;
  • constipation;
  • dysbiosis;
  • relieve depression;
  • prevents the development of sepsis;
  • saves from fever.

The young fruiting body is often used in cosmetology, for the preparation of face masks. Such cosmetic procedures smooth out wrinkles, rejuvenate the skin, give it freshness, shine and new youth.

Contraindications to the use of fox tinder fungus

Medicines prepared on the basis of fox tinder fungus are contraindicated for allergy sufferers, pregnant and lactating women, as well as people with urolithiasis. For diarrhea, tinder fungus is not used, since the mushroom has laxative effects.

Important! Children with folk remedies based on tinder fungus are not treated at all.


The fox tinder is an inedible representative of the mushroom kingdom. It grows throughout Russia, on dead, rarely living wood. At the same time, it becomes infected with white rot and begins to deteriorate rapidly. But, despite all the negative qualities, the fox tinder fungus is considered a forest orderly and is used to prepare medicinal decoctions and cosmetic masks.

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