Purchased: original flowers for each plot

Purchased: original flowers for each plot

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Our gardens are filled with hundreds of wonderful plants, a good half of which are flowers. Unfortunately, some of them we do not know at all, and therefore do not understand how to properly care for these plants. Continuing a series of articles on garden flowers, today we present a kupena and try to tell as much as possible about a nice plant for a summer cottage.

Kupena - a perennial plant, herbaceous, belongs to the lily family. Rhizome bought clearly shaped, thick, horizontal and knobby. The stem is straight from below and arched to the upper part, about 40-60 cm high.

The leaves are bought large, oblong-ovate or elliptical, with protruding veins. The color of the leaves is green above and bluish green on the inside. The flowers are bought white, slightly greenish at the base, located in the axils of the leaves of the plant.

The plant looks very pretty and is able to decorate your garden with all its originality, let's look at how to properly care for the purchased.

Lily of the valley and bought


Purchased quite unpretentious. It grows well in places semi-shaded or completely shaded. It can be bought to grow in sunny areas, then it loses its visual effect - the stems grow slowly and the plant reaches only 30-40 cm in growth.

The soil

The plant is practically undemanding to the soil, but grows better on the soil rich, well-fertilized with humus or manure. Kupena loves moist soil, but it is rather poorly related to groundwater and spring floods. It is very good if there is drainage on your garden plot or the snow from the territory is removed on time.


What is most interesting, bought does not need special care. It will be quite enough to plant it in a prepared place, water it during dry weather and fertilize it once every several years. You do not even need to remove weeds around the plant - numerous plantings bought significantly complicate their germination.


The seeds of the plant are very rarely tied, since, due to the long and narrow perianth, pollination can occur only with the help of long-bark bumblebees. But there is an exception - bought broadleaf, in which the berries ripen almost every year and in sufficient quantities.

Vegetatively bought propagated by segments of rhizomes. Rhizomes are divided very easily. It is advisable to do this in August, when the kidneys of renewal are already fully formed, but the process is possible in the spring.

If you have chosen seed propagation, then it must be carried out in the winter. Do not forget to mark the area on which it was sown bought, since all species bought underground germination.

The seedling develops underground, this process is slow, so that you will not be able to see the first leaves of the plant until next year. Flowering itself will have to wait even longer. But do not be discouraged when the plant is several years old, it will fully decorate your garden and may even grow. An adult purchase can exist in one place for up to 15 years.

Purchased multi-flowered

Healing properties

Purchased quite often used for medicinal purposes. The whole plant is used - young shoots harvested in spring, leaves bought during flowering, rhizome and berries prepared in autumn. In the rhizome bought there are a number of alkaloids that work wonderfully in satisfying rheumatic and neuralgic pains. Once, apparently for these reasons, bought was used to treat some pain, hernia and rheumatism.

The healing properties bought are known from a long time to this day:

  • in Tibetan medicine, prepared rhizomes bought are used for liver diseases, they were also used to treat sagging human skin and inflammation of the lymph nodes;
  • it is believed that purchased can stimulate metabolism, increase immunity, improve appetite;
  • as early as the 15th century, healers of antiquity discovered that with the help of a bath you can clean your kidneys and stomach;
  • a certain tincture of bought and honey has a wonderful effect on accelerating wound healing;
  • in modern medicine it has been established that bought leaves have sedative properties, which means that products made from them can lower blood pressure;
  • the fruits bought, in turn, are healing for people who suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • positively affects the human body and decoction of shoots bought, it stimulates the secretion of gastric juice and can even help in the treatment of chronic gastritis.

In fact, the leaves, shoots, berries and rhizome of a plant are used in medicine in so many cases. But do not forget that self-medication is not worth it, and any decoction or infusion should be recommended only by a qualified doctor. Such a warning takes place due to the toxicity of the plant. If you use it incorrectly or in the wrong formulation, it is possible poisoning the body, which will cause nausea, vomiting and upset stomach. So, do not experiment with something that you don’t really know, just enjoy the beauty of a beautiful plant in your garden plot and use the purchased simply as a good decoration of your own landscape.

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