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Bathhouse - cedar barrel

Bathhouse - cedar barrel

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Dear friends, I had a question about building an inexpensive and small bath. Climbing over the Internet, I discovered that they were selling bathhouses - cedar barrels. Maybe someone came across such or who they stand? I will be glad to any advice! All the pros and cons? Thanks!


We bought ourselves such a barrel, in the beginning everything was wonderful. Then the problems began, cracks began to appear. The master was called, he said that if you tighten the hoops, problems with the door will begin, partitions will put pressure on the doorway. In general, they did with the fact that they had to cut the door. Then another problem began - cracks in the door. They called the same master, I had to build up a box with a rail. I don’t know, maybe it’s out of luck with the manufacturer. But to share the problems that may arise, I think is right.

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