Do-it-yourself rose garden: growing garden roses

Do-it-yourself rose garden: growing garden roses

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Of course, growing roses on our own plot is not an easy task, but we will surely cope with it, because it was not in vain that we examined the methods and secrets of growing all kinds of roses, the peculiarities of caring for these plants, as well as the processes of ennoblement of rose bushes. Each of our material will become a practical tool for you, which you can focus on and from which you can build on, if you decide to arrange a rose garden in the country.

Already today you can draw knowledge and apply it to your young plants, as the pages of our site have following materials:

  • Growing green roses;
  • Growing roses in a greenhouse;
  • Hybrid roses;
  • Home roses or roses in a pot;
  • Secrets of growing English roses;
  • Bush roses;
  • Growing climbing roses;
  • Roses Floribunda.

In addition, you have the opportunity to find out:

  • How to care for roses in the garden;
  • How to fertilize roses;
  • How to prune rose bushes;
  • How to choose rose seedlings for planting in the country;
  • How to propagate roses;
  • How to eliminate rose diseases,
  • Spring care for roses.

This is only part of the useful materials that will surely come in handy for every summer resident, beginner or pro who is engaged in growing the flower queen in the garden.

How to grow roses in the country

In this section, we decided to remind you a little about how to grow beautiful and strong flowers in a summer cottage.

Choosing a Rosary Location

This is the first thing to do before purchasing seedlings. You should choose the most suitable place in the country, which will match the type and variety of roses that you define. Be very careful, because the cultivation of flower culture in the suburbs and, for example, in Siberia is very different, and the flowers will need completely different conditions. Therefore, take this section of the article seriously and choose the warmest and brightest place, the soil on which will be fertile, and the shadow from tall plants and buildings will not interfere with the proper development of the bushes.

Selection of planting material

An equally important part of the mission is to plant and grow roses from cuttings. You can select and purchase them in the market, from neighbors, in the online store, in a special nursery. The main thing that you need to pay close attention to is the quality of the seedlings. Green, fresh, completely lively, with good roots and an untouched earthen lump, with confident buds, ready for development - such seedlings are suitable. If you notice signs of disease, damage by pests, lethargy and other negative things - do not buy such material.

Also, we recall again the expensive varieties of roses, which you should choose only in a good nursery, be sure to pay attention to the quality, the possibility of soon acclimatization and adaptation of plants to the region of purchase.

Planting roses

Planting of adult plants, young cuttings, branches of a bush, growing from seeds - all this should happen at a strictly professional level, and how exactly, read in our detailed articles in the section "Garden Flowers". Only here you will learn about the technology of growing roses, you will be able to study in detail the agricultural technique of growing, and you will certainly learn many secrets that experts have revealed only recently.

Care for flower culture in the country

As we have repeatedly mentioned, the cultivation of domestic roses, hybrid tea species, as well as Dutch, for example, is very different from each other. The reason for this is different varieties and their requirements for soil, ambient temperature, humidity, fertilizer composition, pruning and so on. Therefore, studying the nuances of proper care for roses, you are getting closer and closer to the opportunity to plant and grow flowers in the country that will not only surprise you, but will also cause envy among your neighbors. Remember that watering, top dressing, pruning, shelter for the winter and other types of care should be very clearly observed.

Using roses

Again, we will not describe the pruning, methods of sheltering bushes for the winter, as well as methods for propagating roses, since there is a much more interesting topic - the use of plants in the garden. We often think about where to plant roses, which variety to choose, why we need plants (decorating a plot, for cutting, for sale, etc.), but we don’t always think over their initial role in landscape design, we choose a place for bushes randomly, and, in As a result, we may not get what we wanted right away. To ensure that such a situation never occurs, carefully consider the proper use of the Queen of Flowers in the garden. Only by correctly determining the correspondence, the ratio of flowers and the amount of greenery on a particular site, as well as the ability to arrange a plant in this style of landscape, you can equip an ideal rose garden.

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