Water supply in the country: types, sources of water, installation and insulation of the system

Water supply in the country: types, sources of water, installation and insulation of the system

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Previously, every summer resident calmly put up with scooping water from a well and watering plants from a watering can, but now, in the era of technological development and the emergence of a variety of automated systems on the market, we all began to think about how to arrange water supply in the country.

Indeed, such a system is a solution to many problems.. Now, watering can be done with a hose, delivering water to the house through pipes, and not be carried in a bucket, and an outdoor shower is no longer a problem. But, the problem is solved only for one half of summer residents, through whose streets the mains of central water supply laid down. What to do the rest, continue to carry water from the river or get out of the well? Of course not, because for several years there have been perfect solutions to this problem, and today we will talk about them in sufficient detail.

Water system device

First of all, you should consider the installation of a country water supply system, and only then move on. We start with the fact that this system consists of two parts: internal and external. The external highway leads water to each object, “wet spots” on the street, but the internal distributes water in the dwelling, temporary shelter and so on. If we talk about the simplest water supply system in the country, which can be arranged independently, then this is the usual water supply from the source through pipes, through special filters to the place of use. The main role in such a system is played by the pump.

A more complex water supply system in the country house can include a variety of fittings and pipes, water intake fittings and expensive filters for the inside, as well as a battery, controllers, valves, protection and distribution systems, automation for complete process control, and so on.

Water supply source in a summer cottage

It’s good when you know exactly where the water intake for the country water supply will come from, but if such information is not yet available, then we will offer several popular and most correct options.

Centralized water supply

The simplest option, which we mentioned a little above, if there is one on your street, or even just with your neighbor, then it will not be difficult to bring water to your own site and even to a country house.

The first thing you need is a written and oral permission of neighbors or owners of a water supply system for water intake to your site, then the documentary part of special services. After that, only work on laying the system on the territory and the plant trunks in the necessary places. Of course, this is physical labor, and tools, and materials, but without this in any way.

Mine well

Here you will have to work hard, spend money on equipment and samples (very desirable).

If possible, it is necessary to clarify the depth of water, as well as take its samples. This will greatly facilitate subsequent work, as well as eliminate poor water quality after all work is completed.

Naturally, physical exercises should not be occupied here, since it will be necessary to dig a rather deep mine, on average, 10 meters. Further, it will be necessary to strengthen it and to help fill this well with water, to properly form the bottom. Now, after the work done, it is necessary to clarify the amount of incoming water (if you did not do this in advance), it should be enough for ordinary use by the family. If there is not enough liquid, you will have to increase the depth.

Water intake and its rise can be provided with the help of pumps, but distribution over the site - only with the help of special highways, pipelines.


This topic is very interesting and, to be honest, requires a separate detailed description in general, which means we will not dwell on it, but just specify details.

So, you can start by drilling the well and the total cost. We must say right away that this process is expensive, but if everything is done correctly and efficiently, then you don’t have to pay for water and there will be plenty of it every day. But you should pay attention to the service: here, of course, you will have to constantly spend money (equipment, electricity, maintenance and repairs). But, there is always a way out, for example, to organize a well in the country at once into several sections, simply by agreeing with the neighbors.

We also note that the well cannot work without a pump, and therefore, when calculating the depth of the well and the amount of water needed, immediately consider the option of the necessary submersible or downhole pump, because it is quite realistic that it will pull the main share of the budget.

Water from a well

In private homes, it often happens that there is already a well with clean water on the site. It is he who can become assistants in resolving the issue of water supply. Of course, do not rely on huge volumes of practically free water, there will not be a lot of it, and its quality can suffer due to undermining by unpaved ones. But at least you can set the liquid supply to the wash basin or a small outdoor shower, to the kitchen, and so on.

Water Source

A very interesting option, but it requires special conditions - a living source of water nearby (river, lake, pond, becoming, and so on). Of course, in order to make such water drinkable, expensive filters are needed, and possibly boiling after them, but as a technical water supply, this one is easy. All that is needed for its installation is a pipeline and a pump, possibly several filters for input and output.

Summer and winter water supply

It is possible that the summer residents who read us heard the following concepts - summer and winter water supply for a summer residence. What do they mean and what are their main differences?

Summer water supply in the country

Summer water supply can be stationary or collapsible, everything here is only at the discretion of the summer resident. It can be organized very simply, with the help of metal-plastic or propylene pipes, or ordinary watering hoses, the most important thing is that the water supply does not interfere with movement in the country and is not damaged.

The most popular is the summer plumbing made of silicone or rubber hose, parts of which are connected by special parts. Ready-made, it can be a simple system or even a complex grid throughout the country. You can use it for different needs.

Winter water supply in the country

This is a standard, stationary water supply on the territory of the site, which will not need to be collected and disassembled, it is enough to lay it only once. But, the whole process must be carefully carried out, the water supply scheme at the dacha is correctly drawn up, the material and equipment for assembly are selected, insulation is made. We will consider this option as a stationary and full-fledged water supply system.

How to make water in the country

In this section of our article, you can find answers to many questions about the installation of a country water supply system, as well as an algorithm for assembling and laying it, a diagram, necessary materials, tools and a list of works.

Water supply scheme in the country

The first and very important point that we recommend to take very seriously. The operability of the water supply system and its quality will depend on its correctness and further compliance with the plan and the project.

So, initially you should decide on the starting and ending point of the highway, choose equipment, water supply points in the premises, the source of water supply, material and tools. Next, precisely determine the laying scheme and the water supply connection diagram in the country.

You need to draw up a drawing, put on it the path of the pipelines, dimensions, installation locations of pumping equipment and so on, after that, go to the materials and the tool.

Material and tool for work

The most commonly used is a polypropylene pipe or a metal-plastic pipe, which forms a pipeline through the territory by joining with brazing or special fittings, respectively. Pipe size, length, cross-sectional diameter - it all depends on the individuality of the water supply (distance from the place of water supply, pressure, pump power, height of the water rise, slope of the section and so on), therefore we will not provide any data so as not to confusing you.

In addition, the organization of water supply in the country will require you to many consumables and special parts, which are also selected individually.

Of the tools, I would immediately like to declare the mandatory presence of a shovel, hammer, drill, drill or perforator, a standard set (hammer, pliers, screwdrivers, etc.), a grinder, a soldering iron for pipes (if you chose polypropylene pipes).

Also, be sure to take care of a one-time purchase of everything you needThis will give you the opportunity to save money and not be left without the necessary parts and tools in the midst of work.

Preparatory work

We have repeatedly talked about the list of tasks that are included in the preparatory work, and therefore we only put the emphasis. First of all, the obligatory adherence to the project and scheme, then, marking the section and the route of the highway, after, digging trenches of the required depth.

Try to have everything you need on hand, this will significantly reduce the time of work. Material for system insulation, fasteners, a pipe cutter, a soldering iron or a box with fittings - everything should be at hand.

Installation of a water supply system in the country

Installing a water supply in the country will require from you not only care, but also strength and patience. Everything must be done correctly, consistently, without the slightest error.

Inspect the dug trenches, they should be fully prepared for laying the pipeline - the correct depth (below the level of freezing of the soil), the correct slope, the cleaned bottom, fastenings and scaffolds, etc. Next, lower the well pump into the well or well, if you have chosen this type of water supply for a summer residence, if not, use a surface pump, but only in a heated room.

Correctly connect the pump, pipe to the pump and the fitting, to the terminals of the fitting - the battery, pressure switch, pressure gauge. You will need a hydraulic accumulator, which can provide the correct pressure in the system, as well as a good supply of water, which is useful in an emergency.

Further, when all the mechanisms are connected, the main pipe should be connected to the last output and lead it through the trench to the place of water supply, for example, in a residential building. It is here that the cable (armored) is laid, which is necessary to power the system equipment.

Do not forget that at the entrances to buildings you need to make wells, shut-off valves, this will provide free access to the system during repairs or maintenance work.

Further, the installation of filters, the laying of the water supply in the country, the heating of the water supply in the country and the final connection.

How to insulate the water supply in the country

Now that you know how to arrange a water supply system in the country, we will tell you how to arrange its heating, or rather, insulation, which saves the water supply in the country in the winter from many troubles.

The pipes must be carefully protected from the cold, then the water supply will work normally, the water will flow continuously and the system will not freeze. This must be done as follows:

  • Lay the pipes of the outer part of the water supply to the correct depth, taking into account the level of freezing of the soil;
  • Be sure to insulate the pipes. Naturally, this will cause some cost overruns, but it is better to spend the extra 7-10% of the cost of the entire pipeline than to dig it out later, look for a problem and eliminate, or even change the pipeline;
  • Warming can be carried out using various materials, but experts recommend special foam materials - polyethylene resembling a pipe shape. They are simply put on the pipes of the trunk and are able to protect them not only from the cold, but even from certain mechanical damage;
  • Also, it is necessary to conduct a thorough warming of the water source and equipment;
  • Remember that not only the water supply should be insulated, but also the sewerage in the country, so that during the winter colds the discharge system does not become unusable.

Video about the water supply at the cottage or cottage site

Expert Advice

Understanding how to spend water at the dacha, we still have a certain number of questions, starting from which, specialists made up a short list of additional tips.


The water supply in the country should pass so that you always have free access to it for maintenance work or repairs. Do not forget about wells, gate valves, additional shut-off valves.

Freezing depth

Be sure, before laying the pipeline, determine the depth of freezing of the soil and, based on the data, make high-quality insulation of the pipes.


At the moment, most specialists prefer polypropylene water supply in the country, as it is a little easier to work with, and the material itself for the production of the pipeline is more durable and better (subject to proper assembly and high-quality joints).

Use of summer water supply

It is very important not to forget about summer water supply in the country before the onset of cold weather. It must be dismantled, dried to the maximum and placed in a warm, dry storage room.

The drainage pump in the country

A drainage pump can be used for irrigation, taking water from ponds, sewage, pools and various wells. A drainage pump for a summer residence is an indispensable thing, so you should take care of its acquisition. If there are problems in the winter at the cottage, then this material will help.

Water supply and sewerage in a summer cottage

Try to combine the processes of the device of country water supply and sewerage as much as possible, this will significantly reduce the loss of time and money during operation. When working with pipes, this article will be helpful.

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