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Motor pump for a summer residence: what you should pay attention to

Motor pump for a summer residence: what you should pay attention to

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A motor pump is a pumping device characterized by high performance. Its main function is pumping liquid, but unlike pumps, it is able to do this in large volumes. Therefore, motor pumps are actively used when draining ponds, fighting fires, and in the country, where electricity is not supplied, they perform the work of an individual water supply and irrigation system. Japanese brands (Robin, Subaru) are popular among summer residents, but still the right choice implies that the characteristics of the motor pump match your goals and needs.

Performance of a motor-pump for a summer residence

Productivity of a motor pump means how much fluid it can pump per unit of time, the unit of measure is liter / minute. In the case of a small plot, then for its watering and domestic needs a motor pump with a capacity of 130 to 500 l / min is suitable. A country house on a large plot will require a motor pump with a performance parameter of approx. 500-1000 l / min.

There are more powerful motor pumps (1000-1200 l / min), which are used to drain ponds or fire extinguishing, but such powerful devices are not required for giving.

Type of motor pump

As fuel burned in the engine of a motor-pump, gasoline, diesel or gas are used. According to the types of fuel used, the types of engines are also divided. The gasoline motor-pump for giving has a two-stroke (or four-stroke) engine, productivity reaches 1600 l / min. Such characteristics allow it to be used in many cases when it is required to pump out water. The cost of the unit is relatively low, which makes this type of motor pump in demand for achieving domestic goals.

A diesel engine pump is slightly more expensive, but the gain is achieved through the use of cheaper fuel. Diesel motor-pumps for a summer residence differ in long service life (to 6000 hours) and reliability in work. Thus, in terms of durability, these motor pumps are superior to gasoline devices.

Gas motor pumps belong to the highest price category. For their operation, a gas supply is required, certain models operate exclusively on bottled gas, more universal models can be connected to the main. As a product of the highest category, a gas motor pump for a summer residence is distinguished by the longest term of reliable operation in comparison with motor pumps on diesel and gasoline.

The secret to increased durability of a gas motor pump is the absence of waste from burning fuel, which, as happens with other types of motor pumps, wear work surfaces.

Pressure - an important characteristic of a motor pump for a summer residence

By pressure is meant the water pressure at the outlet of the device. This is important, since the distance to which water will be transmitted through the motor pump depends on this parameter. If you plan to use a motor pump to give purely for domestic purposes, then the pressure in the range of 25-30 meters will be quite sufficient. However, you can purchase a model with a pressure of up to 65 m and even more.

There are motor pumps designed for clean water, for contaminated water and fire pressure devices. The motor pump for clean water is equipped with filters that do not allow particles larger than 6 mm. Such motor pumps for summer cottages are a good option, they perfectly solve the tasks of irrigating the site, will be able to pump water from the pool, etc.

How to properly carry out the first start of a motor pump

A motor-pump for dirty water can safely work with liquids in which there is a rather high content of sand, clay, gravel and other impurities. Even if particles with a diameter of 0.6-3 cm get into the pumped liquid, the motor pump will cope with its task.

With the help of this motor pump, you can pump out water from a well or drain a flooded area.

The power of high-pressure motor pumps allows them to throw a jet to a great height, which makes them useful for firefighting purposes or if you need to wash the soil. Choose the motor pump that best suits your needs, because now you are aware of what characteristics you should pay attention to.

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